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Tobacco Shop (Feb 2024)

Tom, a seasoned entrepreneur, recently augmented his business portfolio with a new acquisition in the bustling Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Within a mere 3 weeks, our team at BizVision adeptly identified an ideal existing location, boasting notably low rent. Through our expertise, lease negotiations proceeded without a hitch, culminating in the securement of a long-term lease. This acquisition not only signifies Tom's astute business acumen but also highlights the seamless and efficient process facilitated by our team. Tom's expanding chain stands as a beacon of his growth-oriented vision and entrepreneurial spirit, and we're thrilled to have played a part in this venture.

tobacco shop

NDIS & Aged Care business (Mar 2024)

Navigating the complexities of acquiring a business can be daunting, yet BizVision triumphed in guiding Kumar through the intricate process, facilitating the purchase of a distinguished NDIS & Aged Care business. This esteemed enterprise, celebrated for its dedication to delivering tailored care and fostering autonomy among clients, has carved a niche in the market since its inception in 2018.

BizVision's pivotal role was to identify and overcome common hurdles associated with business acquisitions, such as understanding the intricacies of the care sector and ensuring financial feasibility.

NDIS Business

Online Business (Mar 2024)

Nishan initially navigating through various investment landscapes, found his niche in the digital space, aiming for a venture that promised growth and innovation. With our guidance at BizVision, we identified an online enterprise that aligned perfectly with his vision and skill set. The business, known for its robust online presence and scalable model, now stands as a testament to Nishan's forward-thinking approach. His venture into the online world marks a significant milestone, showcasing the potential of digital entrepreneurship. Our journey with Nishan, from exploration to acquisition, has been truly inspiring.

online business shop

7 Questions to ask the broker

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Searching businesses

Your BizVision Associate will assist in finding the right business for you based on the criteria established in the onboarding session. Some businesses are never advertised and some are only offered through guilds. Our Associates have access to several off-market business portfolios including pharmacies.

Negotiating lease

One of the main fixed costs in majority of businesses is the rent. A sound business is usually accompanied by a favorable lease that is proportionate to the revenue of the business and has a long lease term. Our team will help you secure a good lease based on information we have on neighbouring businesses.

Managing the process

A deal needs to ultimately be a win/win result for both buyer and seller. Before closing the deal it’s important to have realistic expectations and to keep emotions intact. Your BizVision Associate will maintain effective communication with all parties involved including solicitors, business brokers or landlords.

Financing options

Financing options could be limited these days due to strengthened lending requirements by banks. In many cases, our BizVision Associates have been able to secure vendor finance which is particularly useful when you don't want to or can't immediately produce the cash required for the full price of the business.

Business valuations

Our independent business valuation compiled by our Associates is an invaluable step in the due diligence process that could prove to be very worthwhile for revealing the business earnings, the desirability of the business sector and risks involved for you, the buyer.

Business surveying

It is not uncommon for business owners to optimistically overestimate their business performance and sales. BizVision has a unique method of verifying the sales range of a business using mystery shoppers, investigators, industry benchmarks and proprietary data analytics.

Your Journey with BizVision


Initial Roadmap

Your BizVision Associate will create a profile and develop a roadmap for you based on your personal criteria.


Search and Match

Your Associate will search for businesses that match your profile. This search includes off-market businesses and exclusive listings.


Initiating and Negotiating

When it comes to the details of the deal your Associate will know what to expect and liaise between seller, solicitors and the landlord to make sure you get the best outcome.


Settlement and Support

Once the contract is finalised, BizVision Associate will put you in contact with network of accountants, marketers, designers and suppliers to get you started.

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