There’s a reason BizVision is the #1 choice for business buyers in Australia —we’re experts! Our business consultants are professionally trained to assist you through every step of buying your dream business. We understand the time, energy and resources you have committed to finding a solid and profitable business; so let BizVision help you make the right decision.

Happy Clients

We have been alongside our clients on their journey to pursue their business dreams and helped each of our clients acquire the business matching their goals.

Businesses Valued

Each of these businesses has been visited, inspected and a valuation provided based on financials, lease and franchise agreements, location and market trends.

Total Value Transacted
$ mil

1 in 5 businesses transacted has been off-market and exclusively exchanged through us

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Boutique Wine Store (July 2021)

Julie and Tom, recently bought a beautiful Wine Store in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. It took 11 weeks to help them find their dream business. The lease negotiations went smoothly and we were able to secure a 30% rent reduction for 12 months which is a bonus saving for them getting started.

Carwash and Cafe (July 2021)

When the pandemic hit New South Whales Last year, Greg decided to leave his corporate job at Qantas. Overwhelmed with the options on the market, he decided to let us help him. He is now happier than ever running his Carwash business with his daughter.

Petrol Station (Sep 2021)

Rajesh came to Australia on a 188 business visa. After being rejected by the franchisor, we stepped in to assist him and managed to get him into the business he had found himself. In Sep 2021, he received his Permanent visa, and Now, he is looking to expand into his next venture.

BizVision, the people that actually care

There are many businesses out there but not all are stable or profitable. We have surveyed over 200 business owners about their experience buying a business privately or through brokers and the results speak for themselves. Buying a business can be an emotional and complicated process and the buyers are underrepresented out there.

The figures provided by sellers were accurate
Negotiating the deal became emotional
The business broker had my best interest in mind
Business valuation provided favoured the seller
Had competent support and contacts to get started

BizVision is a specialised firm with a commitment to support

Receive regular updates

We will provide regular updates on the location and the industry you are interested in. As well as businesses recently purchased and updates on those businesses you are considering to buy.

Exclusive access

There are many businesses out there that are never advertised simply because the owners are doing well and are not in a rush to sell. We actively approach those business owners looking for the perfect match for their business, they call their child, to take it to the next step. 

Support like no other

We will represent you and guide you through every step of the way from finding your dream business to making sure you have all you need to get started living the lifestyle you deserve.

Award-winning, accredited and qualified.

Testimony from our clients

I had a great satisfaction in purchasing the business through you and you provided all the necessary services and information that was required in a professional manner. If I have to purchase or sell a business in the future, I will definitely consider Nick Shaygan as my broker.


F45 Franchisee

Lisa was an amazing person to work with. She actually had a lot of hoops to jump through and we had some disappointments and she stayed by my side and worked hard for me until we were able to buy and we bought for a much better price. She was professional and very timely and completely organised. I would use Lisa anytime to sell or buy. She is an excellent broker!

Food Heaven owner

Thank you so much for helping Kylie and I in finding the pharmacy close to our home. Yes, we are finally doing what we love and are enjoying every minute of it. Thanks to you.
We have been very blessed in meeting you. Lots of luck in your future and happiness.

Kylie & Rakib Bowe
City Pharmacy - Sydney

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